Walker Valley High School. We will meet you at the entrance off of Lake Cavanaugh Road (South Entrance). You don’t have to use the survey form, but we still would like to know how and whether Walker Valley is meeting your needs as an ORV rider. google_ad_width = 728; Photo/ DNR. There are many bubbles of crystal, amythest, calcite and some rare stuff (citrine, etc.) A working forest (managed by the DNR) in Skagit Valley, Walker Valley Forest offers 36 miles of trails popular with ORV enthusiasts. Alternately you can take SR 538 from Mount Vernon to Hwy 9 and follow Hwy 9, 4 miles south to the Walker Valley Road. Walker Valley is located 7 miles SE of Mt Vernon off highway 9 in the Big Lake neighborhood, the road to Walker Valley ORV Park is well marked and easy to find. Walker Valley ORV Area, in Skagit County, is a multi-use recreation destination. The newest trail added in 2009, with help from the Timber Tamers Jeep Club, is called Humps and Bumps. Because the park is at an elevation below 2500ft it's one of the last ones affected by snow in the state and usually one of the first available in the spring when the snows do melt. google_ad_slot = "0392018614"; After about 1 mile you will see the staging area on your right. in hard, black basalt. Walker Valley ORV Park. Powered by Edlio. walkervalleylive.com Phone: (423) 336-1383 Fax: (423) 336-1578 . You can mail it to the address below, attach it to an email, or give it to a DNR field person you see. https://www.alltrails.com/trail/us/washington/walker-valley Blake's Resort - RV Park & Marina (360) 445-6533. Why rocker protection is important                     BD flexing his suspension                John Manthey approaches the Wall, Chris Freytag                                              Keith Black in the play area                     Larry Spangler in the play area. Share stories, photos and videos from Walker Valley ORV. From I-5, take exit 221. The main staging area has a loading ramp and two vault toilets. Drive north for 6 miles (milepost 46) and turn right onto Walker Valley Road. Cost is $11.50/day or $35/year. The Walker Valley ORV Complex is an off-roading trail system open to bikes, equestrians, and hiking as well. //-->, function fbs_click() {u=location.href;t=document.title;window.open('http://www.facebook.com/sharer.php?u='+encodeURIComponent(u)+'&t='+encodeURIComponent(t),'sharer','toolbar=0,status=0,width=626,height=436');return false;} Bring the camera. This area has about 10 miles set aside for 4x4s and Jeeps. (2 min, Broadband only as this is a big file, 14.1mb), Get directions from your location with Google Maps. 750 Lauderdale Memorial Highway, Cleveland, TN 37312. The Houston Valley Off Highway Vehicles (OHV) Area, located near Lafayette, is a designated piece of land where offroad and recreational vehicles can explore Walker County through a series of trails.The trails, which join with parts of Whitfield County, span across 25 miles and cover around 2,600 acres. Walker Valley ORV work parties take place every second Saturday of … Walker Valley is a DNR area that is located about 60 minutes north of Seattle. Promote safe and responsible ORV trail use. Walker Valley. Here’s the story. Go east on SR 534 for 5 miles and turn left onto SR 9. Share on Facebook. Walker Valley The most popular place, among beginners, for 4-wheeling in Washington State is the Walker Valley ORV Park (DNR) which is located 1 hour north of Seattle. Go 2 miles and turn right onto Peter Burns Rd (a one-lane gravel road). Although it's not a difficult trail, it does give access to a “play area” where the more hard core off road machines can have some fun testing their limits. Open year-round but may close during inclement weather. WA ORV Tab and Washington Discover Pass**. Walker Valley ORV Area, near Mount Vernon, is a 36-mile trail system with 4×4, motorcycle, and even mountain biking and hiking opportunities. It is hardrock mining that we always laugh at ourselves about. Dual sport motorcycles and street legal 4x4 vehicles need to display the pass. From I-5, take exit 221. We are OPEN for rentals and repairs - groups of 5 or less required for rentals. Click "where to meet" on our info page for an instant address & map! Throw in some rain soaked branches and logs and the difficulty goes up another notch.

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